Assault City


Categoría(s): Shoot 'em up


Assault City is a light gun, rail shooter released for Sega Master System in 1990. There were two versions of Assault City released for the Sega Master System,[2] the original version, which only supported the directional pad and a second edition which supported the Light Phaser gun. The two versions are distinguished by an image of a large red light phaser on the cover of the light phaser edition, though both cartridges appear identical.

The plot centers around Joe, one of the last of the humans remaining that can overturn the cybernetic revolt. Nothing can stop him from destroying the control system which forces the robots to kill. In the latter half of the 21st century, robots have been engaged in labor in dangerous places, housework, etc. Then suddenly, the control system used to function these robots plotted a revolt against the human race, and ordered every robot to annihilate all of the people. The robots robbed them of their weapons, and occupied various military bases and factories.

The war robots that were manufactured there murdered men, one after another, and the survivors organized a resistance and went into a full-scale offensive against the enemy's army.